Import Authorization

Primary requirement as per exemption order:

  • Goods notified vide Notification No. 27/2021-Customs, dated 20th April, 2021 and Notification No. 28/2021-Customs, dated 24th April, 2021 covered within the scope of exemption order
  • The said goods are imported free of cost for the purpose of Covid relief by a State Government or, any entity, relief agency or statutory body, authorised in this regard by any State Government.
  • The said goods are received from abroad for free distribution in India for the purpose of Covid relief.
  • Before clearance of the goods, the importer produces before the custom authority a certificate from a nodal authority, appointed by a State Government, that the imported goods are meant for free distribution for Covid relief.
  • The importer produces before the custom authority, at the port of import within a period of six months from the date of importation, or within such extended period not exceeding nine months from the said date as that Deputy or Assistant Commissioner of Customs may allow, a statement containing details of goods distributed free of cost duly certified by the said nodal authority of the State Government.
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Ensure you have the key documents listed in ANNEXURE-A and the Signed Self Declaration form (templates available in Annexure A, Self Declaration, Equipments, Medicine, FAQ’s ), and then fill-out and submit the application form. You will have to upload the required documents or e-mail to:, also can use the same email-id for any queries or clarifications.    
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