Head Office

Commissioner of Commercial Taxes Department, C.T Complex, Nampally, Hyderabad-500 001. INDIA
      Fax : 040 - 24618912
Working Hours : 10.30 A.M- 5.00 P.M;       Working Days : Monday - Saturday (2nd Saturday Holiday)
      email: tg_ctdhelpdesk@tgct.gov.in            Phone no: 18004253787
Smt. Neetu Prasad, I.A.S. Commissioner Commercial Taxes 040-24652356
FAX: 24618912
Sri M.Satyanarayan Reddy, I.R.S. Special Commissioner (ST), Enforcement 040-24612352 spl_cst@tgct.gov.in
Sri J.Lakshmi Narayana Additional Commissioner (ST) Gr-I (Policy) 040-24652353 adg_cst1@tgct.gov.in
Sri U.Srinivasulu Additional Commissioner (ST), EIU & CCW, 040-24650005 adl_cst1@tgct.gov.in
Smt S.Jayakameswari Additional Commissioner (ST) Enforcement Wing 040-24652355 adl_cst2@tgct.gov.in
Smt S.Jayakameswari Additional Commissioner (ST) Establishment 040-24652355 adl_cst3@tgct.gov.in
Sri N.Sai Kishore Joint Commissioner (ST), Legal & GST - jc_cst@tgct.gov.in
Sri N.Sriniwasulu Joint Commissioner (ST), S.R.Office - jc_sr@tgct.gov.in
Sri A.Ashok Deputy Commissioner (ST) (Legal and Services) - dc_srvc@tgct.gov.in
Sri A.Sivarama Prasad Deputy Commissioner (ST) -
V.D.N.Sravatnhi Deputy Commissioner (ST) (CCW and Statistics) - osd_cst@tgct.gov.in
Radha Sindiya Assistant Commissioner (ST), Comp - ac_gstn@tgct.gov.in
Smt C.Shakunthala Assistant Commissioner (ST), General - ac2_cst@tgct.gov.in
Sri M.Vijay Kumar Assistant Commissioner (ST), Legal - ac_legal@tgct.gov.in
Sri G.Narender Reddy Assistant Commissioner (ST), Refunds - ac_rfnd@tgct.gov.in
K.S. Tulasi Assistant Commissioner (ST), TVATAT -
Smt.J. Sudha Madhuri Assistant Commissioner (ST), Spl.Commodities - ac_srvc@tgct.gov.in
Sri M.Ramprasad Assistant Commissioner (ST), SR before STAT - ac2_cst@tgct.gov.in
Sri R.Yedukondalu Deputy Commissioner (ST)-I, Enft dc1_enft@tgct.gov.in
Smt.Y.Sreeleela Deputy Commissioner (ST)-II (Enft) dc2_enft@tgct.gov.in
Sri.T. Shesha Giri Rao Deputy Commissioner (ST)-III (Enft) dc3_enft@tgct.gov.in
Sri. P.Nayanar Deputy Commissioner (ST) EIU -- dc1_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Sri.A.Siva Rama Prasad Deputy Commissioner -- dc3_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Smt K.Rupa Sowmya Deputy Commissioner (ST) EIU -- dc2_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Sri.K. Murali Mohan Assistant Commissioner -- ac1_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Sri.G. Krishna Kumar Assistant Commissioner -- ac2_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Smt. M. Raju Assistant Commissioner -- ac3_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Sri.G. Lenin Reddy Assistant Commissioner -- ac4_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Smt.K.S. Tulasi Assistant Commissioner -- ac5_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Sri. N. Devender Assistant Commissioner -- ac6_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Smt. V.D.N.Sravanthi Assistant Commissioner -- ac7_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Sri.V. Nagaraju State Tax Officer -- sto1_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Sri.P. Krishna Reddy State Tax Officer -- sto2_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Smt.R. Santhoshi Rekha State Tax Officer -- sto3_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Sri. Mudireddy Naresh Reddy State Tax Officer -- sto4_eiu@tgct.gov.in
Smt. S. Shantha Kumari Appellate Joint Commissioner -- ajc_hydr@tgct.gov.in
Smt. Vasavi Jagannadham Appellate Joint Commissioner -- ajc_sbad@tgct.gov.in
Smt. Y. Sunitha Appellate Joint Commissioner -- ajc_pjgt@tgct.gov.in
Sri.T. Kumar State Tax Officer -- mgr_adc_hyr@tgct.gov.in
Sri. A. Uma Maheshwar Rao State Tax Officer -- mgr_adc_sec@tgct.gov.in
Smt. K.L. Kalpana State Tax Officer -- mgr_adc_pjt@tgct.gov.in