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Return of Charges Collected
(In respect of any Luxury provided in a Hotel/Corporate Hospital)
(See Rule 3)



The Commercial Tax Officer,





I______________________________________________________________ Son/Daughter/ Wife of __________________________________________________________________ on behalf of the proprietor of the Hotel/Corporate Hospital known as________________________________________ ____________________________________ furnish herewith the statement of total and net collection of the charges in respect of the luxury provided during the month of ________________________________(month/year) and give the following connected particulars;


1. Name and address of the Proprietor          :
 of the Hotel/Corporate Hospital


2. Status or relationship of the person who      :                
     sign this return(Manager, Partner, Proprietor)

3. Name and address of the Hotel/          :
   Corporate Hospital

4. Names of other hotels/Corporate Hospitals      :
     and the address of every such hotel/
   Corporate Hospital (if they are under the
   same proprietorship)


Rate of Charge

No. of beds/ rooms occupied

Persons occupied

Total amount of charges collected for accommodation/ for residence

Amount of charges on which deduction is claimed

Net amount of charges collected

Tax due

Tax paid particulars


Cheque No.

Crossed DD No.








































NOTE : 1. Show the collection of charges for any luxury for each rate of charges of Rs.60/- and above in respect of Hotels and Rs.500/- and above in respect of Hotels and Rs.500/- and above in respect of Corporate Hospitals and then strike the total in the last line.

Daughter/Wife of _________________________________________ ________________________ declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief the information furnished  in the above statement is true and complete.

Signature______________________________Name(In block letters)____________________________________Status & relationship with Proprietor___________________________________

Additional Sheet for Point No. 4:

Sl. No.

Name and address of other hotels/Corporate Hospitals