Form of Appeal Under Section 19
(See Rule 33 of A.P.G.S.T. Rules, 1957)



The Appellate Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes of

The ________________________date of _______________________20


1.       Name(s) of appellant (s)

2.       Assessment year.

3.       Authority passing the order or proceeding disputed.

4.       Date on which the order or proceeding was communicated.

5.       Address to which notice may be sent to the appellant

6.       Relief claimed in appeal

(a)  Turnover determined by the assessing authority.

(b)     If turnover is disputed -

  (i) disputed turnover

  (ii) tax on disputed turnover

(c)  If rate of tax is disputed

      (i)  turnover involved

      (ii) amount of tax disputed

(d)     Any other relief claimed.

7.   Grounds of appeal, etc.,

(Attach additional sheet, if necessary)


                                                                                                                                                                   (Signed) Appellant(s).

(Signed)Authorised Representative, if any




I/We the _________________________________________________________            appellant (s) named in the above appeal do hereby declare that what is stated therein is true to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.

Verified today the _________day of ___________________20__________


                                                                                                                                                                   (Signed) Appellant(s)

                                                                        (Signed) Authorised representative, if any.



1.    The appeal should be accompanied by the order appealed against in original or by a certified copy thereof unless the omission to produce such order or copy is explained to the satisfaction of the appellate authority.

 2.    The appeal should be written in English and should set-forth concisely and under distinct heads the  grounds of appeal  without any argument 
      or narrative and such grounds should be numbered consecutively.

3.     (i) the appeal shall be in duplicate.

                (ii) the appeal shall be accompanied by a treasury receipt in support of having paid:

               (a).in case where the levy of tax or penalty is disputed, a fee calculated at the rate of two percent of the disputed tax and surcharge or penalty
               subject to a minimum of Rs.50/- and a maximum of Rs.1,000/-; and  

               (b) in all other cases a fee of Rs.50/-