FORM BB (See rules 14)

           Dealer / Casual Trader                                                             Assessment No                                                         2(Take notice that you have been provisionally assessed)  under he Andhra Pradesh General Sales Tax Act, 1957  to a 4( tax)
of Rs.                     (Rupees (in words)    only) for the period from ...........................  to  The 4(tax) shall be paid        within
................ days  from the date of  this notice--
by 6(cheque)  in favour of the undersigned) or  8(by cash to the undersigned or) by remittance into  the Government Treasury at  8(**) failing which the amount will be recovered as if it were an arrear of land revenue and you will also be laible to 3(interest) as provided in section 16 of the Andhra Pradesh General Sales Tax Act, 1957.

5[Turnover and total tax payable as determined by the assessing authority in respect of:-
Commodity            Description            Rate of             Gross            Exempted             Net            9Tax
code                        of goods                 tax                turnover            turnover          turnover
                                                                                      (a)                    (b)                (a)-(b)
    1                               2                          3                    4                       5                      6                7

Date:                                                                                                                                Assessing Authority

Note:-    1.    If payment is made by cheque, [demand draft] the cheque [demand draft] shall be crossed and shall
                     be as such as under the Andhra Pradesh Treasury Code, may be received by the Treasury concerned.
              2.    Omitted by G.O.688 Rev.dt.11.10.1988

Note:-    1.    The bracketed word was substituted for the word "Final" by G.O.Ms.No.1071 Rev.(s) dated 20.6.1978.
              2.    The bracketed word was substituted for the word "Take notice that you have been finally assessed" by
                     G.O.Ms.No.1071 Rev. (s) dated 20.6.1978.
              3.    This Form was inserted by G.O.Ms.No.1960 Rev.dt.20.12.1962, and the word "interest" was substituted
                      for the word "penalty" by G.O.Ms.No.1857, Rev.dt.28.10.1963, 
              4.     The words 'surcharge on such tax' deleted by G.O.Ms.No.244  Rev.dt.17.5.1995.
              5.    Subs. by G.O.Ms.No.1445, Rev.dt.5.11.1986 and published in A.P.Gazette, dt.25.11.1986
              6.    Subs. by G.O.Ms.No.101 Rev.dt.2.2.1989 for the words "bankers cheque" w.e.f 4.2.1989
              7.    Col.4 was subs. by G.O.Ms.No.688, Rev.dt.11.10.1988.  By the same G.O. the words "by money order
                     to the undersigned or" and "to the DCTO/ACTO/Bill Collector or" were omitted.
              8.    Ins. by G.O.Ms.No.1081 Rev. dt.4.11.1993.
              9..   Subs. by G.O.Ms.No.244 Rev.dt.17.5.1995.